Virtual Reality Transports Veterans to War Memorials

PHOTO: Veteran Dale Garrett views war memorials in virtual reality using Jaunt Studios technology. PlayVeterans United Foundation
WATCH Virtual Reality Transports Veterans to War Memorials

World War II veteran Dale Garrett held the virtual reality viewfinder to his face. He was sitting in Columbia, Missouri, but was seeing war memorials in Washington, D.C.

“I felt like I was there. ... It’s personal and close-up. You feel like you could be walking with those people. It’s moving,” the 96-year-old said with tears in his eyes.

Veterans United teamed up with Central Missouri Honor Flight to bring a group of veterans to D.C. this May to visit the memorials in person.

Garrett was part of a group of veterans who were physically unable to make the trip.

So, Veterans United also paired with Jaunt Studios to bring the memorials to the veterans.

Jaunt sent its 360-degree camera on the honor flight trip, to record all angles and capture an experience that could be made into a virtual reality video.

“Honored my dad could see it today. What a great country we live in,” said Garrett’s daughter, Sharen Garrett. “It was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it with me,” she added.

Watch the full Jaunt video here, use your mouse to click and drag to explore the 360 video: