Walter Scott Shooting: Breaking Down the Witness Video Frame by Frame

A split-second look at what happened between the driver and the police officer.

There are some critical moments during the minutes-long footage that call for closer inspection.

Slager was arrested on Tuesday and though he appeared at a bond hearing that evening, he has yet to enter a plea. Over the weekend, Slager was represented by attorney David Aylor, who said in a statement released at the time that Slager "followed all the proper procedures and policies" but that attorney told ABC News on Tuesday he is no longer representing Slager.

The video will undoubtedly be critical to Slager's case. Here is a breakdown of some of the critical moments, some images from which have been rotated so that they can be more clearly understood.

1. Scott and Slager Seen Standing Close to One Another

2. The Taser Wire Can Be Seen, Appears Attached to Scott's Clothes

3. Scott Runs

4. Slager Walks Over Towards Scott

During his next call on the police radio, Slager said: "Shots fired and the subject is down, he took my Taser," the police report notes.

5. Officer Places Handcuffs on Scott

6. Second Officer Arrives on the Scene

7. Slager Bends to the Ground

8. Slager Drops Item by Body

9. Slager Checks Scott's Pulse

10. Another Officer Talks to Slager, Takes His Gun

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