Warren Jeffs Prosecution Rests After Playing Audio Sex Tape

Warren Jeffs enters Bible and Book of Mormon as evidence.

ByABC News
August 3, 2011, 11:50 AM

SAN ANGELO, Texas Aug. 3, 2011— -- In an audio tape played today at the trial of polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, jurors heard the religious leader allegedly having sex with a 12-year-old girl and telling her to feel "the spirit of God."

The recording was the final piece of evidence offered by the prosecution before resting its case in the sexual assault trial against Jeffs.

Jeffs, the leader of a radical sect of Mormonism know as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS), is on trial for two counts of sexual assault of a child. He is accused of forcing two teenage girls into "spiritual marriage," and fathering a child with one of them when she was 15. The charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Jeffs, who is acting as his own lawyer, began his defense by speaking at length about religious freedom, but Judge Barbara Walther interrupted him and said Jeffs clearly wasn't prepared to enter a defense. Walther told Jeffs he had two choices: rest his case or begin calling witnesses.

Jeffs had previously requested more time to prepare his defense, but the judge denied the request, saying she warned him about the difficulties of acting as his own attorney. Jeffs has a standby attorney who is only allowed to offer help and advice if Jeffs asks for it.

Jeffs entered the Book of Mormon and the Bible into evidence and then asked his first witness, a fellow FLDS member, to read at length verses from the Book of Mormon.

Some members of the jury were visibly irritated with Jeffs' tactic of having his witness read from religious texts. One juror continually glanced at a clock in the courtroom, while others yawned and closed their eyes.

When the prosecution questioned the relevance of the testimony, Judge Walther told Jeffs: "I guess the court doesn't understand your defense. How is that relevant to the charges you face?"

Before Jeffs' defense began, the prosecution presented its last piece of evidence: a graphic audio recording played for the judge and jury. In it, Jeffs can be heard offering prayer and telling the girl - who he refers to as his "heavenly comfort wife" - to "feel his presence ... the spirit of God."

The girl can be heard speaking very briefly, and other sounds on the tape suggest the two were having sex.

Warren Jeffs Heard on Tape Allegedly Having Sex With 12-Year-Old

The tape is one of several seized by police and submitted as evidence in the case against Jeffs. On Tuesday, prosecutors played three other tapes prosecutors say prove Jeffs "married" and assaulted underaged girls.

In the recordings played Tuesday, Jeffs is heard saying that "a good wife is trained for her husband and follows the spirit of peace." He also makes reference to "drawing close" or "being close," which is how church members refer to sex, and two females can be heard responding "OK."

According to Jeffs' journals, the tape was made the night after his wedding to a 14-year-old, when Jeffs took his new bride and another wife for a car ride to instruct them on their new responsibilities as wives. He told them they were "honorable vessels, property of your husband's kingdom and the Kingdom of God on Earth." The 14-year-old is the same girl who, according to expert testimony on DNA evidence, Jeffs later impregnated.

During his testimony, Texas Ranger Nick Hanna read from the religious leader's journals, which were seized from the FLDS compound. In the journals, Jeff's wrote that his young bride was "pure and innocent and willing to obey," and that he told her parents that "their girl belong[ed] to me."

Prosecutors later played another clip of a different "training session" involving 12 girls, but Jeffs stood up and loudly spoke over the tape, talking about how a holy trust was being broken. The judge and jurors were wearing headphones to listen to the tape, and ignored Jeffs' rambling.

On the tape, they heard Jeffs telling the girls "you have to know how to excite sexually and be excited," and telling the girls to shower and wear white robes when they come to him, as well as telling them to shave their pubic hair. He concluded by singing the prayer "Father, Son and Holy Ghost." In the courtroom, Jeffs remained standing in objection throughout the playing of the tape.

This was one of many outbursts by Jeffs during the course of the trial. Jeffs, who is representing himself after firing his entire defense team last week, has continued to interrupt the trial by making frequent objections, often on grounds of religious freedom. Each objection so far has been overruled by the judge.