Wedding Rings Wind Up in Trick or Treaters' Bags

Wedding rings are pictured in this stock image.PlayDavid Freund/Getty Images
WATCH Wedding Ring Winds Up in Trick-or-Treater's Bag

If you trick or treated in Boston, Mass., or Mesa, Ariz., this Halloween, you may want to double-check your candy stash.

Two people from both cities lost their priceless wedding rings after they accidentally gave them away to unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

Robert Rand, of Boston, said he was handing out candy when he lost his ring.

"My wedding ring slipped off into someone's bag," Rand told ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV in Boston.

Rand's ring is made of gold, has nine diamonds, and features the inscription "1-4-3" and "10/11/93," he said.

"I am just without words about how said I am," he said.

Brooklin Yazzie, of Mesa, is also looking for the wedding ring she accidentally gave away on Halloween.

She put her ring in a candy jar while helping her daughters carve pumpkins, she told ABC News affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix.

And when it came time to give away candy, she dumped the jar into a bag of Halloween candy, forgetting about the ring.

"It's my wedding ring, you know?" Yazzie told KNXV-TV. "I mean you could replace it, but it's not the same."

Hopefully a trick-or-treater doesn't mistake the wedding rings for ring pops.