Wife's Intuition Saves Husband Trapped Under Fallen SUV

Nicole Mayhew's intuition helped her save her husband’s life.

ByABC News
April 24, 2015, 10:13 AM

— -- Nicole Mayhew was at work Monday morning when she says she had a strong feeling.

“I had this feeling come over me that I needed to go home and check on my husband,” Mayhew, of Saratoga Springs, Utah, told ABC News.

Mayhew left work and went home, where she found her husband, 43-year-old Scott Mayhew, in serious trouble. He had been working on the family’s SUV when it slipped off the jack and crushed him.

“I was kind of on my side, reaching for a wrench when the car started to come down," he said. "I couldn't move at all.”

With six broken ribs and internal injuries, Scott Mayhew lay trapped, calling out for help for more than an hour.

“There was a lot of pain. I felt the car crushing me," he said. "I just knew if I hung on long enough, my prayers would be answered and she would know to come home."

Nicole Mayhew, a mother of three, said she panicked when she saw her husband’s situation.

“I was scared, but since I could hear him, I knew he was still alive,” she said. “I kind of heard him say, ‘Help me, love.'"

She and her neighbor lifted the vehicle off Scott's chest and called 911.

“I consider him extremely lucky," said one of the paramedics, Chad Pate. "I really think with her coming home as fast as she did in the time that she did, he could have lost his life had he been under the car much longer than that."

Scott believes he’s alive because of his wife’s intuition, and his wife attributes his survival to their faith.

"She's a very strong woman and I'm lucky to have her," he said.

"I think God was watching us that day," said Nicole Mayhew. "I'm so thankful for that.