Wisconsin man freezes to death after allegedly fleeing hit-and-run crash, officials say

The man had previously been convicted of a hit-and-run in 2012.

ByABC News
January 4, 2018, 5:24 PM

— -- A 34-year-old man in Wisconsin was found frozen to death on New Year's Eve after he hid following a hit-and-run crash the night before, according to officials.

Milwaukee resident Mark Henderson was driving a 1995 Ford Explorer Saturday night when he fled the scene of the crash on foot, a spokesperson for the Milwaukee Police Department told ABC News.

A missing persons report was filed after investigators contacted Henderson's girlfriend, who notified them that he had been driving her car, police said.

On Sunday afternoon, Henderson's body was found in a yard between a fence and a shed by his girlfriend and the homeowner, a report by the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office states. Henderson had run into the yard to hide from police after he fled the scene of the accident, according to the report.

When the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner Jeanne Wiedmeyer arrived on the scene, she found that Henderson's "body was frozen solid," according to report. Despite the frigid temperatures, Henderson was wearing just a pair of shoes, jeans and tank top, the report states. There was no apparent trauma on his body.

Henderson was the sole occupant of the car when he ran a red light and caused an accident involving four cars, the medical examiner's report states, citing police.

After Henderson abandoned the car, a passerby noted that he knew the owner of the Ford Explorer, according to the report. Henderson's girlfriend, Yulanda Paige, then responded to the scene, but she and officers were not able to find him after canvassing the area.

The next day, Paige returned to the scene and found Henderson's jacket in the driveway of the residence where he was found, the report states. Paige then asked the homeowner for permission to check the backyard, and the two noticed footprints going toward where the shed was located.

The yard where Henderson was found was located on the same road as the crash, according to police. Other articles of clothing were found in a neighboring yard by police after the crash, making investigators believe that Henderson was attempting to attempt to disguise and change the clothing he was last seen wearing, according to the report.

Henderson had an extensive criminal history, which included a conviction for a fatal hit and run in 2012, according to court records. At the time of his death, he was on parole for that felony conviction, according to the report.

Other victims in the accident sustained non-life threatening injuries, police said.

The medical examiner's report included details of several others who have recently died in Milwaukee County as a result of the cold, including a 51-year-old man who was found partially nude in the back of a van.

ABC News' Dominick Proto and Cheryl Gendron contributed to this report.