Wisconsin March Planned as Dash-Cam Footage of Deadly Cop Shooting Released

Police expect the protests to remain peaceful.

— -- Activists from the Young Gifted and Black Coalition plan to lead a march to the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin, today, demanding that the cop who shot and killed Tony Robinson during an altercation be held accountable in the incident partially captured on dash-cam footage released Tuesday.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne said he declined to criminally charge Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny because it was a "lawful use of deadly police force,” sparking small protests throughout the city. Hours later Tuesday, authorities released dash cam footage from Kenny's squad car, showing the officer drawing his weapon March 6 before entering an apartment where he says Robinson immediately hit him in the head.

In the video, three shots can be heard before Officer Kenny stumbles out of the apartment and fires four additional shots.

Kenny fatally shot Robinson, 19, after police received a disturbance call. Robinson had allegedly been running in traffic and Kenny forced himself into an apartment that Robinson had run into. Robinson and Kenny got into an altercation inside the home and Kenny shot Robinson in his head, torso and right arm, authorities said.

“They murdered one of our children,” Brandi Grayson, co-founder of Young Gifted and Black Coalition, told ABC News.

“Our plan is to be in the streets all day,” Grayson said before adding, “we are saying no work, no school, no justice, no peace.”

Organizers expect a few hundred people to join them as they march from Williams Street to the courthouse steps, where they plan to conduct a mock trial of Officer Kenny and present their findings to the public.

Police, who made no arrests during Tuesday’s protests, expect the demonstrators to remain peaceful.

“I think that Madison has the ability to show the country that you can have disagreements over important subjects and people can voice their opinions where there’s no violence and no destruction of property,” Joel DeSpain, a spokesman for the Madison Police Department, told ABC News.

“We have one of the worst racial disparities in the country,” Grayson said.

Madison Police Chief Michael Koval told ABC News, “There are chronical issues where people of color are more likely to be brought into the criminal justice system as opposed to their white counterparts.”

“I have used my office as a bully pulpit in urging the legislature to address issues of racial disparity as a priority,” Koval wrote in a blog post responding to an open letter sent out by the YGB coalition.