Woman who broke into song for Harvey evacuees: 'We came to lend our gifts'

Victoria White's impromptu performance has been viewed by 15 million people.

— -- A gospel singer has become a social media sensation after a video of her breaking into song at a shelter in Houston was viewed by 15 million and counting on Facebook.

White said she was inspired to lift the spirits of Harvey evacuees after her local shelter was at capacity for volunteers.

"We knew we wanted to be boots on the ground and so we had to figure out somewhere that had space for volunteers and we found out that the shelter here in Conroe did and we came to lend our gifts," she explained. "It was great to be able to interact and meet and encourage everyone who was present."

Marquist Taylor, who also appears in a full-length version of the viral video, said he and White plan on singing at more shelters.

"We plan on spreading the love," Taylor said. "There was a lot of loss, but there's a lot of love to keep giving so we're going to keep spreading the love all around."

For those who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey, White encourages others to "serve, give, donate monetarily," she said.

"That's what's going to be able to sustain the people," White added.

White and Taylor ended the interview with a short, gospel performance.