Woman makes history as the Marine Corps' 1st female infantry officer

She is the first woman to pass the Marines' grueling infantry officer course.

The woman, who wishes to keep her identity private, graduated from the Marines' infantry officer course in Quantico, Virginia, on Monday.

Now a lieutenant, she is the first woman to finish the challenging course and the fourth to attempt it since the Marines opened all military occupational specialties (MOS) to women in April 2016.

“I am proud of this officer and those in her class who have earned the infantry officer MOS,” Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller said in a press release Monday.

The female infantry officer will now head to the 1st Marine Division at Camp Pendleton, California, for her first assignment.

Today, the first female Marine graduated from Infantry Officer Course.

Ooh-rah to the future infantry leaders. pic.twitter.com/iL1a8jsDsR

— U.S. Marines (@USMC) September 25, 2017

"Infantry officer course is the MOS-producing school for Marine Corps infantry officers and the prerequisite course for ground intelligence officers," the release said. "The grueling 13-week course trains and educates newly selected infantry and ground intelligence officers in leadership, infantry skills and character required to serve as infantry platoon commanders in the operating forces."

Of the 131 Marines who began the course in July, only 88 graduated.

Proud of this officer & her fellow leaders. Now they focus on what's important: preparing to lead Marines in combat https://t.co/rwWjXKOAf9 pic.twitter.com/RvzTAkuLLI

"We are a joint force, and I have decided to make a decision which applies to the entire force," Carter said in 2015.

Earlier that year, two soldiers became the first women to graduate from Army Ranger training camp but were not immediately permitted to serve in a Ranger regiment, as combat roles had yet been opened to women.

ABC's Adam Kelsey contributed to this report.