6-year-old befriends police officer after calling 911 because he was 'lonely'

A boy summoned police and ended up making a friend.

A teachable moment between a 6-year-old boy and a Florida police officer also marked the beginning of an unexpected friendship.

Tallahassee police officer Joe White arrived at the home of the young boy to respond to a 911 call the boy had placed without his mother knowing. But instead of finding an emergency, White was introduced to an upset kid who said he was lonely.

“The young man asked Officer White to be his friend because he was lonely,” the department said on its Facebook page. “Officer White took the time to explain how 911 is used and how it’s for emergencies. Then Officer White said he’d always be a friend!”

The boy was permitted to sit in a patrol car and even got a stuffed animal as a keepsake.

The story was greeted warmly on Facebook, with commenters appreciating the officer’s generosity and professionalism and the boy’s cuteness.

“A new Friendship," one commenter said. "Something positive for a change."