8-Year-Old Girl Battling Brain Cancer Uses Her Wish to 'Take Care of the World'

A young girl who could have wished for anything chose to pick up trash.

— -- An 8-year-old girl battling brain cancer who could have wished for anything, wished to “take care of the world,” and used her special day to pick up trash with her friends at local parks.

The unique wish from Amelia Meyer, sponsored by the Make a Wish Foundation of Missouri, brought her community together, including Kansas City Major Sly James, to pick up litter at three of Amelia's favorite local parks.

“Some kids want Disney and want to meet somebody famous, and I know they get a lot out of that,” Jill Meyer, Amelia's mother, told ABC News today, but said her daughter's wish brought so much joy to Amelia. “It was amazing. It exceeded any expectation we could have had.”

Amelia was diagnosed with brain cancer in December, but does not let that stop her from leading a fun-filled life, Meyer said. “Amelia is a really happy kid, she loves the outdoors. She is definitely a very kind, very thoughtful girl.”

“She loves to play outside. She loves to ride her bike. She plays softball and wants to play soccer in the spring," Meyer said.

Young Amelia, who goes by the nickname "Meals," told ABC News she picked this wish because "I just like going on walks with my grandma and I find trash everywhere." The 8-year-old said she had so much fun playing with her friends that day.

Her selflessness has inspired legions of volunteers in her community to come together and has since inspired communities across the country, after the hashtag #AmeliasWish took the Internet by storm. Groups of people from all over the U.S. have posted pictures of themselves cleaning up their local parks and used the hashtag to show their support of the young girl and her battle with brain cancer.