New YouTube feature will help viewers avoid binge-watching

Users can now set reminders to take a break in the latest version of the app.

The video sharing company has rolled out its "take a break" reminder, which users can customize to appear every 15, 30, 60, 90 or 180 minutes, according to the YouTube website.

When the reminder pops up, it will pause the video until the user dismisses it. The feature is "off" by default and can be adjusted in a user's settings.

The timer will only run when watching videos online on a phone and will pause if the app is closed or paused, according to YouTube.

The feature will be available in the newest version of the app.

YouTube is the first streaming app to actually tell its users to stop watching, according to Tech Crunch.

Along with the "take a break" reminder, YouTube is releasing additional features, such as the option to limit the app's ability to send notifications and the option to disable notification sounds during a specific time of day, Tech Crunch reported. In the future, YouTube will roll out a feature that gives users a summary of their viewing behavior.

Google introduced the series of new controls at a conference earlier this week.