Flamingo Frenzy: Moving Day At Florida Zoo

Zookeepers tasked with wrangling and moving the delicate birds.

April 18, 2014— -- Talk about a flamingo frenzy!

The delicate birds at Zoo Miami splashed around in the water on moving day.

Ron Magill, Zoo Miami's communications director, was one of the people who waded waist deep into the flamingo habitat on Thursday to round up the 38 birds.

"They're beautiful birds to look at but they're kind of smelly and make nasty noises," Magill told ABCNews.com. "It's a whole different perspective when you're in the water with them."

Magill, who is 6-foot-6, said he took advantage of his long arms to help scoop up the birds, which were then relocated to the Conservation and Breeding Center.

The flamingos will be off exhibit for 14 months until construction on their new habitat is complete, Magill said.

The next time the public sees the birds, they will greet visitors in a new exhibit outside the front gate.