Do You Think BP Is Making Enough Progress in Fixing the Oil Leak?

"World News" wants to know what you think. Tell us below.

May 17, 2010— -- BP had its first real success this weekend in the ongoing operation to stop the Gulf oil leak when it inserted a small pipe into the broken riser. It is now siphoning more than one-fifth of the oil from the leak, BP officials said this morning.

BP has said it will be able to siphon even more oil through the pipe, but needs to do so slowly to limit the amount of seawater entering the pipe, which can cause crystal formation within the pipe.

BP has continued to work on long-term solutions for the oil leak, including shooting heavy mud into the blowout preventer on top of the well, a new, smaller containment dome and a relief well that is still more than two months from completion.

Meanwhile, scientists studying the underwater plumes of oil, which are more than 300-feet deep, warn that the effects of the oil could be much worse than initially estimated. While only a minimal amount of oil has come ashore, researchers say, the underwater plumes could poison and suffocate sea life and travel as far as the eastern seaboard.

Our question for you today: Do you think BP is making enough progress in fixing the oil leak?