The Conversation: Tempers Flare as Oil Continues to Flow

ABC's Ron Claiborne and Ryan Owens discuss today's efforts to stop the oil

May 26, 2010— -- Frustration along the Gulf Coast continues to grow as the oil crisis heads into day 37 with no real sign of ending. BP is hoping to begin a so-called top kill maneuver today, which would plug the well by shooting 50,000 barrels of mud into it, but are still uncertain if it will even work.

Meanwhile, as oil continues make its way onto the shores and marshes along the Gulf coast residents are continuing to ask why BP and the government are not doing more to contain the oil.

In today's Conversation ABC's Ron Claiborne spoke with our reporter Ryan Owens, who has been in the gulf region since the spill started. Owens takes Claiborne through what is actually involved in the top kill procedure and what other options BP will go to next if this fails to stop the flowing oil.

Owens and Claiborne also discuss the growing anger among residents who feel that the government and BP are not doing enough to save their coast line. Owens says that while a majority of anger was initially geared towards BP, over the past two weeks the frustration towards the government and Obama administration has steadily grown. For the many residents who rely on the fishing industry as their main source of income, every day of more oil brings more uncertainty to their future.