Should College Teams be Banned from Tourney for Poor Academic Performance?

"World News" wants to hear what you think.

March 17, 2010— -- As people ready their brackets for the NCAA basketball tournament, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is tossing up an idea that's could be a real game changer -- punishing college athletic teams with low graduation rates by keeping them out of the post-season.

Duncan has proposed that teams with graduation rates of less than 40 percent be banned from post-season play. That would knock out at least a dozen teams in this year's NCAA tournament, according to USA Today, including the top-seeded Kentucky, as well as Louisville and Tennessee.

Duncan can't force his idea on colleges, but he says he's going to push schools to reform.

Our question to you today: Should college teams be banned from post-season play if too many of their players fail to get a degree?