The Conversation: How to Spot a Lie

Author Pamela Meyer talks to ABC's Jeremy Hubbard about "Liespotting."

ByABC News
August 6, 2010, 6:50 AM

Aug. 6, 2010— -- How many times a day are you lied to?

Would you believe 200 times?

It's no lie, says author Pamela Meyer, whose book "Liespotting" outlines the wide reach of lies and the best ways people can spot them.

"We've been lying since we were 6 months old," Meyer told ABC's Jeremy Hubbard in today's Conversation. "Babies will fake a cry, wait till their mother comes and then go back to crying."

When the babies grow up to become lying adults, they can do some serious harm. Corporate fraud accounts for nearly $1 trillion in losses every year, Meyer said.

So, what can you do to identify truths from falsehoods? Meyer points to some simple tells to keep in mind.

When caught in the act, liars "might slump down a little, look down. Rub their eyes, lower their voice," Meyer said. "What liars do is rehearse their stories, but they rarely rehearse their gestures."

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