The Conversation: The Buzz Behind Google Buzz

Diane Sawyer talks Google Buzz with New York Times' writer Nick Bilton.

Feb. 16, 2010— -- Last week Google launched its newest feature, Google Buzz. Ever since, the tech world has been, well, abuzz, talking about whether or not this is the next best thing.

The application is a hybrid social network -- part Facebook, part Twitter, part Gmail. It instantly appeared on 176 million users' Gmail accounts, and while some people instantly loved it, others were left wondering, "Do I really need this?"

In today's Conversation Diane Sawyer talks with New York Times' technology writer Nick Bilton about the future of Google Buzz. Will it be able to deal with the questions it raises about users' privacy? Do people need another online service? Are the days of e-mail numbered?

Get tuned in to all things Google Buzz in today's Conversation.