The Conversation: One Month After the Haiti Quake

One month after a deadly earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, Haiti, residents are slowly rebuilding their lives with a lot of help from around the world. In today's Conversation, Diane Sawyer learns what life is like in the country a month after the quake from ABC correspondent David Wright, who has been reporting from Haiti for the past two weeks.

The two tackle questions on everyone's mind about Haiti's well-being. Is the aid relief donated by organizations and individuals across the globe making it to the people on the ground? What about medicine? Are hospitals getting the supplies they so desperately needed in the days following the quake?

And what about all the inspirational stories? Can those still be found among the wreckage? Tune in to today's Conversation to find out what life is like in Haiti now.

VIDEO: Diane Sawyer chats with David Wright in Haiti.Play