GOP Leaders Vow to Investigate: Is It a Good or Bad First Move?

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As Republican leaders prepare to take the reins of power in the House of Representatives, they're promising to launch congressional investigations into a wide range of issues.

The new chair of the House committee in charge of government investigations, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., has hinted at hearings on everything from Medicare fraud to the government's failure to prevent the BP oil spill.

"The sooner the administration figures out that the enemy is the bureaucracy and wasteful spending, not the other party, the better off we'll be," said Issa on Sunday.

The investigations will allow House leaders to slow down administration policies they don't like, force compromise, and influence public opinion, but perhaps at the risk of appearing contrarian.

Our question to you today: Are investigations a good or bad first move for the new GOP majority?

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