House Set to Vote on Tax Cuts: Should All Bush Cuts Be Extended or Only Some?

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Dec. 2, 2010— -- The House is set to vote today on one of the most divisive issues of the lame-duck congressional session; how to extend the Bush-era tax cuts.

House Democrats are pushing a vote on a proposal that would extend the cuts for only middle-class Americans, outraging Republicans who say that all the cuts should be extended.

All Republican senators signed a letter Wednesday promising to block nearly every other bill until all the cuts are extended. Republicans argue that an implicit tax increase on the highest tax bracket would harm small-business owners and the economy, while Democrats say that extending the cuts to that bracket would be fiscally irresponsible and benefit only the wealthiest Americans.

President Obama has said he expects a compromise within weeks, but we want to ask you:

Should the Bush-era tax cuts be extended for all Americans or only the middle-class?

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