Use the Clues to Guess Our Person of the Week

Whom did we pick for Person of the Week? Four people will win our prize

June 11, 2010— -- We've profiled everyone from presidents to school teachers, filmmakers, former prison guards, children and inventors. Each was our Person of the Week, someone who caught our attention for the way they lived their lives.

So, who will be our Person of the Week today? Well, it's time for you to take a guess. We'll give you a new clue every hour, and you post your answers below. At the end of the day we will pick four correct answers at random and those people will get a prize from the folks here at "World News."


1. A child changed his/her life's course.

2. His/her work brings comfort to struggling people.

3. His/her son had a short life but made a big difference.

4. She's embraced the message: "We are all the same."

5. The world is focusing on the place where he/she has been working for years.

6. She built upon her son's vision to help others.

7. She seeks to de-stigmatize HIV/AIDS.