The Conversation: Foreclosure Angels

As more homeowners struggle, two Missouri realtors help prevent foreclosure.

Nov. 10, 2010 — -- For the millions of Americans struggling with foreclosure, the fight to keep their homes can seem almost impossible.

Often, people are afraid to ask the banks for help with their loans, and only 10 percent of those who ask for loan modifications actually get them.

Meet two individuals who are trying to change that -- Isabelle Walker and Todd Thomas. They're realtors in Springfield, Mo., who volunteer 20 hours of their time every week to help homeowners who are up against foreclosure.

"As realtors, we have a code of ethics that says that we're here to protect the public in real estate matters," said Thomas. "If I find somebody that is going to lose their home, we believe it is our duty to help people fulfill their wishes to stay in the home."

Walker and Thomas check the local newspaper for foreclosure listings, and then they go door-to-door to try to offer help.

"We'd rather help the homeowner before they've lost their home than after the home is lost, and save our community and our neighborhoods," said Walker.

The duo offers assistance for free, but they say it's good for their community in the long run.

"Commissions are based off of sales, and as sales prices go down, our commissions go down," said Thomas. "By keeping people in the homes, it protects my job."

Thomas and Walker spoke to ABC's Jeremy Hubbard today about their effort to help struggling neighbors. We hope you'll watch today's "Conversation" for more.

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