The Conversation: Ringo Starr Turns 70, With a Little Help from His Friends

Ringo Starr Celebrates Birthday, But Dont Ask Him to

It's been a long and winding road for Beatle Ringo Starr, who turns 70 today. And Starr is celebrating this birthday in the way any good musician would want to, with a concert at Radio City Music hall, joined by his All Star Band.

But before he marks his milestone birthday, Starr speaks with ABC's Diane Sawyer for a Conversation about his remarkable life, his music, and how the world has changed since he and three other lads from Liverpool exploded onto the world's stage in 1964.

The legendary Beatles drummer, now a grandfather, has hardly slowed down in his later years, in part, he says, thanks to healthy living.

"I don't take any drugs; I don't drink alcohol; I'm not shooting anything in my veins; life is good," said Starr, swearing that his only vices are too much working out and broccoli.

He does have a lifetime of crazy memories to look on back on, though, and Starr points to a few from the early days that will always hold a special place.

"Arriving in New York is still one of the most incredible moments of my life. And there was no plan," Starr tells Sawyer, the famous "Ed Sullivan Show" appearance in 1964. "We didn't know him, he didn't know us, he just booked us, and by the time we got here it was number one and crazy, but it was just great."

Still, Starr says there is no time better than the present, and he has no desire to return to his rock star youth. However, if he had to choose which current pop icon he'd be most interested in emulating, his selection might surprise you.

To be Justin Beiber "would be easy enough, because he's got the Beatles haircut," says Starr, before admitting, "I'll probably be Lady Gaga. I mean I like to dress up."

So then, what does one get the Beatle who has it all on this momentous birthday?

"Peace and love," Starr tells Sawyer. "All I ask, at noon, wherever you are in America at noon, just go 'peace and love' and that's all I want for a gift."

So make sure you give Starr what he wants this year, but before you do, we hope you'll honor the occasion by watching a very entertaining Conversation.

And send in pitcures of yourself showing Ringo your own "peace and love" signs and we will show them on air tonight. Send them to:

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