Suspects' Home Raided Outside Glasgow

Residents express some relief that attackers do not appear to be locals.

ByABC News

HOUSTON, Scotland, July 1, 2007 — -- A picture is emerging of the men who allegedly drove that car bomb into the terminal building. This morning, police raided their home in Houston, a quiet village just a few miles from the airport.

"The guys in black uniforms and things like the balaclavas went in first," an eyewitness said, "and they surrounded the house … and there was a lot of shooting. I heard glass breaking."

Locals say two young Asian men moved into number 6 Neuk Crescent a few months ago. One neighbor described seeing one of the men washing what she says was a Jeep SUV parked out front just a few weeks ago.

Officials say the men came to Scotland ostensibly looking for work.

"Our indications at this stage are the people who were involved in this incident had not been in Scotland for any length of time," said Alex Salmond, Scotland's first minister.

In Scotland's small Muslim community, it is some relief that evidently the attackers are not home-grown terrorists.

"It's not entirely surprising," said Osama Saeed of the Muslim Association of Britain. "We've not seen a peep of this kind of extremism or al Qaeda terrorism here. I mean, you hear about these individuals in London and other places in England."

In Glasgow, the police remain on high alert. This afternoon, they carried out controlled explosions on a suspicious vehicle at the hospital where one of the attackers was being treated for severe burns. They believed the vehicle was connected to the airport attack.

At the airport today, three propane canisters similar to those used in the London devices, were still clearly visible on the sidewalk next to the Jeep.

Glasgow airport is open, but vehicles were being kept well back. Flights were severely delayed.

Glasgow police said they are receiving, on average, 100 calls every hour from members of the public giving information to help the investigation. But, they added, piecing together how this plot was hatched will take weeks.

ABC News' Nick Watt reported this story for "World News."

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