News You Can Use: Literacy Resources for Adults and Children

Links to literacy groups and programs for adults and children learning to read.

ByABC News
February 25, 2008, 4:59 PM

Feb. 25, 2008— -- If someone you know needs help, contact your local library, or use one of the following resources:

ProLiteracy Local Literacy Program Directory: 888-528-2224

Finding a Local Literacy Program

Enter your location and what kind of help you need: Options include reading and writing, studying for the GED, learning English as a second language and more. To find a literacy program near you, click here.

To search literacy resources by state, click here.

ProLiteracy Worldwide also offers a "Find a Program" function. Click here to find one of their 1,200 member programs.

National Literacy Programs and ServicesClick here to see the various programs and services offered by the National Institute for Literacy, a federal agency that provides resources on literacy research, practice and policy.

Thinkfinity Literacy Network is a free online tool that uses computer and other technology to anyone who wants to improve their own literacy skills or the read and writing skills of someone else.

Adult Education and Literacy ResourcesThe U.S. Department of Education also provides programs and resources to help American adults get basic literacy necessary to be productive workers and citizens.

The Center for Adult English Language Acquisition provides instructional tools and program development tools for teachers.

Health LiteracyIt's important to be health literate -- to have an understanding basic health information and services necessary to make appropriate health decisions. The National Coalition For Literacy explored this issue in the Health Literacy Policy Forum.

Motivating Children to Read

Click here for resources intended to help parents looking to motivate their children to read. Just select an age group to look up ways you can build your child's literacy skills and suggestions for what you can do to encourage your child.

Click here for printable parent guides.

Looking For Jobs In Literacy?

Click here to look at literacy-related employment opportunities.

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