New Tylenol Recall Announced, Including Adult and Children's Products

Johnson & Johnson sales plummet as new recall is announced.

ByABC News
July 9, 2010, 5:06 PM

July 9, 2010— -- For the eighth time in a year, Johnson & Johnson has announced a recall of products bearing brand names that Americans have long trusted.

At drugstores across the country, many Johnson & Johnson's over the counter medications have been wiped off store shelves, as Tylenol, including some adult and children's brands, faces its latest recall. Related Johnson & Johnson brands like Benadryl and Motrin have also been pulled from stores.

Product Recall Information

-Click here for details on adult products and Children's Tylenol Meltaways

-Click here for details on other Johnson & Johnson children's and infant medications

On Thursday, the company's McNeil health care unit said it was recalling 21 different lots of products, including Children's Tylenol and other brands.

Metal particles, chemical contamination and dangerous bacteria have been discovered in some products, leading to this year's round of recalls.

There are no reports of illness and the FDA doesn't foresee any serious health risks, but millions of bottles have been pulled off store shelves and the federal government has launched a criminal investigation.

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Johnson & Johnson, now 124 years old, has been synonymous with products like baby shampoo and Band-Aids, but most importantly, safety. Today, the New Jersey-based had no comment on the recall.

The Tylenol brand faced years of image rehab after 1982, when bottles of the pain killer were poisoned, killing seven people. Johnson & Johnson earned praise for the speed of its recall then, making this year's round of repeated recalls all the more embarrassing.

Consumers are clearly wary of the company's recent recall record. Sales of Children's Tylenol are down 96 percent, and adult Tylenol and Motrin sales are down 56 percent from last year.