World News Tonight Preview

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Just two days before the commission investigating the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks releases its final report, a Justice Department investigation into President Clinton's National Security Adviser Sandy Berger has been revealed. There are allegations that Berger knowingly removed highly classified documents from the National Archives prior to his testimony to the commission. Pierre Thomas has the latest tonight on the investigation and Linda Douglass reports on the political firestorm that has already been ignited.

Hidden camera video appearing today on an animal rights Web site purports to show a severe example of animal cruelty by employees of the poultry processor that supplies chickens to KFC. The video, shot at a Pilgrim's Pride slaughterhouse, is described as showing workers jumping on, kicking, and slamming chickens into walls. Ned Potter reports tonight on the abuses discovered by an investigator working undercover at the slaughterhouse.

Chimpanzees and orangutans appear in films, on television shows and perform in the circus at a very early age, but what happens to them when they grow too powerful for trainers to handle? Barbara Pinto has the story of a Florida woman who has created a sanctuary where these great apes can be cared for.

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