Preview -- World News Tonight 06/22/01

Good Afternoon.

We were in the midst of a pretty dry news day when the calls starting coming in about a global terrorism alert.

Gone were our early plans for the lead of the broadcast; now we'll start with the very latest from Martha Raddatz at the State Department.

Still in Washington, remember all the promises George W. Bush and Dick Cheney made to America's servicemen and women during the 2000 campaign? We were recalling them today, when we heard the news from the Pentagon. White House correspondent Terry Moran measures last year's promises against what the military may — or may not — be getting.

A British court has made a decision that is very controversial. It also makes us consider the way juvenile criminals are treated in this country. Bob Woodruff will have that story from London.

Then, the actor Carroll O'Connor. And his greatest role. For eight years Americans gathered around the TV for a weekly visit to 704 Howser Street, in New York's borough of Queens. That was where Archie and Edith Bunker lived with their daughter and son-in-law. Bunker called his wife "dingbat" (sometimes affectionately) and his son-in-law "Meathead" or "Polack," depending on the moment. And for the eight years that "All in the Family" ran, Bunker dispensed his opinions on everything from race (unadulterated bigotry, for the most part) to hijacking ("you should just arm all your passengers"). We remember Carroll O'Connor — and Archie Bunker — on the broadcast tonight.

Our Closer Look involves a high-tech and invasive way to deal with depression. Medical correspondent John McKenzie has the story of what some physicians are calling the "depression zapper." It's medicine on the cutting edge; and for a lot of people it's working.

Finally tonight, to the depths of the North Atlantic. And what was once the most feared warship in the world. The expedition to the grave of the Bismarck. It's a fascinating piece of history — and a gripping explorer's story, too. Ned Potter brings us face-to-face with the Bismarck's bow, its gun turrets and the rest of what the divers have found.

We hope you'll join us. And that you'll have better weather this weekend than we're expecting here.

Peter Jennings