Blog Universe Is Expanding Every Second

ByABC News
February 7, 2006, 2:24 PM

Feb. 7, 2006 — -- While it's known that the blogosphere is growing fast, most people figured that the trend would stop or at least slow down.

But the blog-monitoring giant Technorati released its report on the state of the blogosphere this week, and the numbers are simply staggering. There are 27.2 million blogs on the Internet. That's nearly 8 million more than there were in October.

"There's a blog for every niche. There's a blog for every interest," said Xeni Jardin, who blogs on her site

According to the report, 75,000 new blogs pop up every day, and a new one is created every second. Every hour bloggers post 50,000 new entries.

"What makes a blog great is how much of the character of the person behind that blog you're able to feel," said Jardin.

There's no end in sight. To date, the total number of blogs doubles about every five-and-a-half-months.

ABC News' Dan Harris filed this report for the "World News Now" Webcast.