A Catalogue of Horror


May 5, 2006 — -- ABC News has obtained a chilling catalog of the concealed weapons collected by America's police officers as they walked their beats. Among the items the cops had to face down are shotguns disguised as a very popular flash light and "Killer Kitty key chains."

The key chains are non-metallic and are lethally sharp but are cute enough to hang from the zipper of a kid's backpack.

The entire array of weapons and other criminal paraphernalia is more than 90 pages long. It includes razor headbands, flare guns converted into .38 caliber pistols, cigarette pack guns and guns concealed in the handles of $1600 brief cases.

Compiled with the help of dozens of police agencies, the booklet is in its fifth edition, a fact that is perhaps as frightening as the weapons it displays.

Is it any wonder that one of the police officers who compiled it noted on the cover that the book contained, "Things that make you wonder why you ever became a cop."

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