Husband Pressures Wife to Get Cosmetic Fixes

What would you do if you saw a man drive his wife to tears over her looks?

ByABC News
April 15, 2011, 12:42 PM

April 21, 2011 — -- We almost expect celebrities we admire to get a nip and a tuck, or a shot or a lift, to keep up with the youth-obsessed nation we've become. But for most seemingly happily married couples, the words "Honey, I think it's time for Botox" can cut like a knife.

"What Would You Do?" wanted to know how people would react to a superficial husband who seemed to care only about his wife's outer beauty and nothing of her inner feelings, suggesting she get various cosmetic procedures.

We brought our hidden cameras to the Tea Tree Spa in Ridgewood, N.J. We tried it with two sets of actors, first with an older couple and then a young couple, and sat them at pedicure stations.

"Look how pretty her skin is. I remember when your skin was almost like that. Really smooth. Remember? When we first met," said our older husband.

"It hasn't changed that much," our older wife responded.

The husband then told her she would look much nicer if she got rid of some wrinkles and that her breasts were getting a little tired. The wife was in tears as the husband went to take a phone call.

The scene caught the attention of Christina O'Donnell, who was at the spa getting a pedicure with a friend. O'Donnell reassured our actress, telling her she was beautiful.

When the husband returned, he continued his tirade ... but O'Donnell wouldn't let him finish. She told him he should leave. He protested, saying he wasn't saying anything out of the ordinary but O'Donnell wouldn't relent. Finally, she told him he could use a punch in the face.

When we arrived with our camera crews, O'Donnell laughed and told us she thought a punch was what he deserved.

Plastic Surgery Suggestion: 'I'd Slap Him Across the Face'

We reset the scene with our younger couple. The husband was admiring magazine pictures of beautiful models. He tried to convince his wife to get cosmetic work done.

"We could do that as part of your birthday package if you want," he said.

He then claimed that her looking good benefitted both of them as a couple and that they had an image to uphold.

"I'm not saying you're turning into a hag, but I mean you're getting older," he said.

A woman sitting beside them told the husband he was out of line.

"If my boyfriend ever said anything like that to me I'd slap him across the face," said Jennifer Schatz.

Schatz later told us she thought it was disgusting that the husband wanted his young wife to get plastic surgery.

We tried the scene one more time with our mature couple.

"Look at these women in here, they're completely smooth! That's how you used to look!" he said.

When the husband stepped away, spa customer Susan Udelsman tried to comfort the wife and told her he was way out of line. "Not to mention the pictures in the magazine are all air brushed. They have just as many wrinkles as we do. But they've got air brushing.

She went on to say that the wife was a beautiful woman and that he never should have said that to her.

"Maybe they should have a 'no man' sign on the door. No men allowed," Udelsman said.

When the husband came back, he told his wife that half of his friends were on their third wives and all he wanted was for her to get a bit of work done.

It was then that Udelsman reached her boiling point and stood up for her newfound friend.

Watch the scenario unfold on the latest episode of "What Would You Do?"