Behind the Scenes of 'What Would You Do?' Teen Pregnancy Scenario

PHOTO ?How Would You Do It?? contest winner Jared Smith stands surrounded by ?What Would You Do?? staff and his mother, Lorraine Smith, in pink.PlayMichaela Dowd/ABC News
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In the snow-covered fields in the quaint town of Chippewa Falls, Wis., population 13,493, you can easily hear roosters crowing and cows mooing.

But at Jared Smith's barn you will also find close to 150 rabbits hopping around. Smith is a busy man. When he is not breeding and caring for his rabbits he can also be found at Chippewa Valley Technical College, where he is studying agriculture science with an emphasis on animals. If you think his plate isn't full enough, he is also on "grammy duty" four days a week, caring for his 83-year-old grandmother, who has Alzheimer's disease.

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An avid viewer of "What Would You Do?" he decided to tackle our "How Would You Do It?" contest with a hot-button subject: teen pregnancy and abortion. After reading through nearly 12,000 entries for ABC News' "What Would You Do? How Would You Do It?" earlier this year, we narrowed entries down and decided that Smith's, about a boyfriend harassing his girlfriend into having an abortion, was one of the best.

Host John Quinones called him to give him the news, saying, "Guess why I'm calling you, because you are one of our grand prize winners."

"Wow, this is so unreal!" Smith exclaimed.

Smith knew of two people who had to face the challenges of teen pregnancy .

While discussing how he came up with the idea he explains, "I wanted to link that with something that was controversial, that would evoke emotion or response."

Smith has only days to get ready for his trip to New York, but he hits the ground running after talking to John Quinones.

"I just have all this stuff to do in such a short amount of time, but it'll be worth it because I'm gonna go out to New York and I'm gonna watch my idea filmed," he says.

Behind the Scenes of 'WWYD'

The day before shoot is an icy cold winter's day in New York City, but thanks to our excellent staff, the shoot is set up, actors are hired and the last-minute preparations have been put in place.

Back in Chippewa Falls, Smith and his mother, Lorraine Smith, are worried that their flights will be delayed or cancelled because of the winter weather.

"We're loading up and heading to the Minneapolis airport. It's snowing here, too, so hopefully our flight will be on time," says Smith.

However, shortly after arriving to the airport they find out their flight to New York has been canceled and now we are all worried that he will not make it to his own shoot. Production associate Jovanna Billington manages to book them on the next flight out.

Sitting at the airport the skies look more promising and so does Smith's outlook.

"Our first flight got canceled due to the weather. So we're actually on the second flight and that is delayed ... but the airplane is here and we will be boarding shortly," he says.

However, Lorraine is letting her nerves get the best of her.

"I'm so nervous I've got one scarf finished and I'm on my second scarf now and I'm hoping to get this one done by the time I get to New York," she says.

Smith and Lorraine finally board their plane and are eagerly off to the Big Apple with a couple of goals in mind -- to enjoy the evening, to rest up before the shoot tomorrow and of course for Lorraine, it's to finish knitting that second scarf.

After checking into their Times Square hotel they set out on the town. They eat a delicious steak and stroll through Times Square.

"Wow how cool … so many lights," Smith points out as only a non-New Yorker can.

Back at the hotel, Smith is ready for bed and tells us in his Flip Camera, "Tomorrow we'll be taping so we'll see how that turns out I REALLY hope the weather doesn't get in the way."

Behind the Scenes of 'WWYD'

In the morning, just as Smith hoped, the weather has held up just enough for the shoot to stay on track.

His mother is delighted.

"We had a nice flight out had a great night's sleep and had a wonderful steak last night and looking forward to the taping today and I'm glad the snow is holding off."

This particular shoot takes us to the Park Wayne Diner in Wayne, N.J., and that is where Smith and Lorraine arrive while we're in the middle of shooting of our first scene.

When we take a break, John Quinones and the crew come out to meet our contest winner and his mother, to give them a special behind-the-scenes tour of our show. Smith and his mother see everything from the control truck to how we conduct brief interviews with many bystanders who have become part of our scenarios.

Surprised, Smith says, "I didn't realize there was so many people to make it happen."

Smith and his mother sit in the control truck with John Quinones and our producers to watch his entry come to life. During the filming of the scenes, Smith even throws in ideas for the actors to do and say.

And as the scene breaks he tells our producer Jennifer Joseph, "It was so good! Better than I imagined."

The day was successful and goes off without a hitch, but before we could wrap, we had to ask Smith what he thought of this experience.

"Makes you have a warm feeling about humanity," Smith says.

"What do you hope young teenage kids learn from this?" John Quinones asks him.

"I really hope they don't feel that they have to make a decision right away and rush in to something that they might regret," Smith says. "Maybe find programs that can help counsel them through the decision. Make a decision that they can live with ... and do what's in their heart."

And with that, we wrap for the day and return to New York City with a show to edit.

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