Chef's Table Recipe: Manchego Cheesecake with Braised Pineapple

Tailor Restaurant's Chef & Partner Sam Mason makes this sweet treat.

Feb 5, 2009 — -- INGREDIENTS:

For Cheesecake:

3 cups Manchego cheese

3 cups Cream cheese

1 cup Sugar

¾ cup Milk

¼ cup Cornstarch

3 Eggs

For Braised Pineapple:

4 cups Water

4 Cups Sugar

¾ cup rum

3 whole bananas

1 orange zest

8 green peppercorns

1 whole pineapple


Cheese Cake: Cube the cheese into ½ inch chunks and add into blender. Slowly add water and blend until smooth. Once blended, slowly add cream cheese, sugar and blend for 10 minutes on a slow setting.

In a separate bowl, mix the corn starch and eggs. Fold in cheese puree until all ingredients are blended smoothly. Pour mixture in 8x12 non-greased baking pan at 350* for two hours. Cool and cut the desired shapes and sizes.

For Pineapple: Carmelize 4 cups of sugar in a pan until deep brown over medium-high heat. Once sugar has liquefied, carefully whisk in water and rum. Blend in whole bananas and add orange zest and green peppercorns to smooth consistency.

Transfer mixture to a oven-safe container deep enough to submerge the whole pineapple within the liquid. Place in oven for 45 minutes at 350*F. Flip pineapple after 45 minutes. (Total cook time is 1 hour 30 minutes.)

Remove pineapple from oven and let stand. Once cooled, chop pineapple into bite-sized cubes.

Plate cheesecake & garnish with pineapple- enjoy!