'Low tech' pawpaw sends adorable memes of grandson while parents are away

Can we please have PawPaw come sit for our kids?

A grandpa whose daughter describes him as “low tech” is using print outs and a flip phone to show how much fun he’s having taking care of his grandson.

PawPaw - whose name is David -- flew from Dallas to Fort Knox, Kentucky, where the military family is stationed, to stay with 8-month-old Ty while his parents take their first vacation without the baby. And as the pictures clearly show, Ty and his “pawpaw” are doing just fine, thank you very much.

PawPaw's daughter and Ty’s mom, Stephanie Waterhouse, calls the photos she’s been receiving “Memes by PawPaw.”

“Memes by Pawpaw surprised us in that my dad had thought this out before he even flew up to Kentucky. He printed the notes at home because he knew he wouldn't be able to figure out how to print them at our house. But once he started sending them, it doesn't surprise us because he's very funny like that.”

Also funny: Waterhouse said her dad definitely doesn’t know what a meme is. He does not have Facebook.

“My dad is low tech,” Waterhouse told “GMA.” “He refuses to get a smart phone and is very proud of his flip phone without internet. I once emailed him and asked for a shrimp scampi recipe. He couldn't find it so he printed out similar recipes, scanned them in, and then emailed me the scanned recipe. He had no idea he could just copy the URL.”

Even though technology and social media may not be PawPaw’s strong suit today, that wasn’t always the case.

“My dad is a recently retired Dallas Police Officer. He was actually the person who created the database that tracked homicide information for the Dallas Police Department. The FBI took his idea and modeled one of their national databases after the one he created,” Waterhouse said.

Low tech or high, you can’t beat the comfort of having a loving grandparent take the reigns while mom and dad get some R&R. Waterhouse said he’s a “great dad.”

“He [PawPaw] absolutely loves being a grandfather and loves spending time with Ty,” Waterhouse said. “I love that I'm able to just relax and know that my son is having the time of his life with his amazing Pawpaw.”