Wilson Goes Blonde, Williams Gets Smoochie

Luke Wilson had better brush up on his “dumb blonde” jokes. The square-jawed actor has just signed on to play Reese Witherspoon’s romantic interest in the lawyer comedy Legally Blonde.

Variety notes that Wilson will round out the story of a ditzy woman (Witherspoon) determined to show up her attorney ex-boyfriend by getting her own law degree. The cast also features Matt Davis (Pearl Harbor) and Selma Blair (Down to You).

Wilson appears as Cameron Diaz’s boyfriend in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels, and he will join his Rushmore chums, director-writer Wes Anderson and his brother, Owen, for The Royal Tenenbaums.

Robin Williams has never had much trouble making kids laugh, and it makes perfect sense that he’ll portray a fuzzy, lovable dinosaur in the unfortunately-named Death to Smoochie. As TV star Rainbow Randolph, Williams is a hit with the little ones — until he’s fired for a dirty little money-making scheme.

Randolph’s replacement is a preppy guy in a happy blue rhinoceros suit, possibly to be played by … Edward Norton. Norton abruptly exited the World War II drama Hart’s War last week, which would make for an odd thematic transition.

Warner Bros. allegedly favors Norton for the role of Smoochie the Rhino, who is targeted for death by vengeful ex-employee Randolph. Danny DeVito will direct the comedy, which is due to shoot in January.

Martial arts pro Jet Li continues his casting hot streak. The actor will be paid $7.5 million to star in The One, an out-of-this-world action picture.

Wrestling hero the Rock was formerly tied to the lead but departed to shoot the Mummy spinoff The Scorpion King. Li will portray a cop who squares off with his arch-nemesis in a Matrix-y parallel universe, Variety notes.

Li is also tapped to appear as Kato in The Green Hornet and plans to join the cast of both Matrix sequels.