Brad Paisley: Unaligned Celebrity

GUSTAVUS, Ohio -- I caught up with country music star Brad Paisley shortly before his concert on "GMA" this morning, and asked him about the state of the race.

Brad Paisley
All aboard for the "Whistle-Stop Train Tour" on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, airing during the... Expand
(Ida Mae Astute/ABC)

He had a refreshing take for a celebrity: He's not sharing his personal thoughts, and he had a pretty good explanation for why not.

"I've got a lot of fans who've got their own ideas -- some of them are smarter than me. They've got to make up their own minds," Paisley said.

"I think aligning yourself with a candidate, I've just seen too many people stumble," he added. "Imagine the people that were on the John Edwards bandwagon, you know, just watching that happen. And it can happen to anybody out there -- they're all human. I'm not saying that scandal, but something."

"So I don't necessarily ever align, and I don't really talk about it."

He said he is feeling the impact of high gas prices -- tour buses are expensive to fill up with fuel -- and knows his fans are, too. That, he said, is the No. 1 issue out there these days.

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