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— -- ABC News offers internships to qualified students interested in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism.

Interns will be placed on ABC News programs and in departments in our New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., bureaus, where they will be exposed to all aspects of network news. Interns will gain knowledge of news production and the implementation of news coverage.

To be eligible, applicants must have attained at least a sophomore year standing in an undergraduate program. The internships are nonpaying and nontechnical in nature. Applicants must receive academic credit in return for the internship.

Internships are available in the various shows and departments described below. Admission into the program is granted on a rolling basis.

Interested students can apply at www.disneycareers.com or for opportunities in Washington, D.C., e-mail: ABCTV.News.DC.Interns@abc.com


ABCNEWS.com is the most dynamic and fastest-growing news site on the Web. In addition to breaking news and complete coverage of the news of day, the site features Web exclusive articles, previews of stories planned for each broadcast, blogs, "The Blotter" by Brain Ross and the Investigative Team, dramatic slideshows and polls, plus ballots and interactive opportunities.

The "Video On Demand" component offers preview video clips and extended interviews from all broadcasts and exclusive material from ABC News Now. Also available on ABCNEWS.com are the following webcasts: "World News Now," "Nightline Online," "This Week All Week," and the "20/20" and "Primetime" Webcasts.

ABC News Now:

ABC News Now is a 24/7 news and information channel that delivers live breaking news, headlines on the half hour, and a wide range of original news, lifestyle and entertainment programs. ABC News On Demand provides extensive video on demand programming from all the network ABC News shows plus ABC News Now. This includes short-form content ideal for wireless and broadband, and longer format content for cable, satellite, IPTV, and broadband. ABC News Now and ABC News "On Demand" are available across multiple platforms, including cable, satellite, broadband, IPTV, and wireless.

"World News With Charles Gibson":

ABC's "World News With Charles Gibson" continues to distinguish itself as the most innovative evening news program on television. Complemented by an afternoon webcast, which is downloaded by millions, and content available throughout the day on ABCNEWS.com, "World News" has moved into the 24-hour digital space.

With unparalleled resources, "World News" provides the latest information and analysis of major events from around the country and the world.

"World News'" aggressive coverage of domestic and international events is complemented by "A Closer Look," a multipart series of pieces offering perspective and depth to the coverage of important stories in the news; "Your Money," a chronicle of excessive government expenditures; "Person of the Week," a Friday feature recognizing a person who -- for better or worse -- has made a difference to the world, the country or a community; and additional reports by chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross and the ABC News investigative team.

"Weekend News":

"Weekend News" includes the Saturday and Sunday evening "World News" broadcasts, as well as all digital news content on weekends, including afternoon webcasts. In addition to bringing viewers all of the latest news on Saturdays and Sundays, "Weekend News" also goes more in depth, with features such as "Sunday Spotlight" and "American Landscape."

"Good Morning America":

"GMA" is a news show with entertainment aspects that are relevant to the news of the day. "GMA" is anchored by Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts, along with Sam Champion as "GMA's" weather anchor and Chris Cuomo as news anchor.

"Good Morning America Weekend":

ABC's news and entertainment program on weekend mornings. "GMA Weekend" is anchored by Kate Snow, Bill Weir, Ron Claiborne and Marysol Castro.


"Nightline" is a late-night hard-news program hosted by Terry Moran in D.C., and Cynthia McFadden and Martin Bashir in New York City. The program grew out of the Iran hostage crisis in 1979 and was originally anchored by Ted Koppel until it was revamped in November 2005 into a multitopic format. "Nightline" continues to provide viewers with a mix of breaking news, investigative stories, features and context to all the important stories of the day.

"World News Now":

"World News Now" is ABC's overnight news broadcast running in three half-hour blocks beginning at 2 a.m. In addition to providing reports on daily and breaking news, the staff at "WNN" take the time to explore news stories and subjects in greater depth. Longer interviews and more highly produced segments are regularly part of the program. In the spirit of anyone who would be up past midnight on a weekday, "WNN's" style is more relaxed.

"America This Morning":

ABC's early morning news program. "America This Morning" airs right before the affiliates' early morning shows and includes taped pieces from ABC News correspondents. The broadcast also features live, in-studio guests and takes a close look at business news with information on foreign markets and a look at what is expected before the U.S. markets open.


The news magazine "Primetime" combines hard-hitting investigative reports, newsmaker interviews and compelling human interest and feature stories. "Primetime" is anchored by Diane Sawyer, Chris Cuomo, Cynthia McFadden and John Quinones.


For more than two decades, "20/20" has conducted dynamic, investigative reporting and taken a provocative look at the events and people that touch our lives. Airing on Friday nights, "20/20" is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and John Stossel.

"This Week With George Stephanopoulos":

George Stephanopoulos hosts ABC News' Sunday morning show focusing on politics, media and major news of the week. During the show's Roundtable Discussion, regular guests gather to dissect the body politic.

ABC News Radio:

ABC News Radio provides comprehensive and award-winning coverage wherever news happens, whenever news happens. As the news content provider to the largest radio network in the country, ABC radio reaches 115 million listeners each week via 4000+ affiliated radio stations.

Think of it this way: Instead of pictures, Radio provides audio for all the stories that ABC News covers, producing seven live broadcasts each hour, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's in addition to an hourly audio feed, and breaking news coverage as warranted. ABC News Radio has correspondents located around the world and fully functioning bureaus in New York,Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami and London. If you turn on a radio and hear a national or international news item, there's a good chance that audio came from ABC News!

Special Events:

The ABC News Special Events unit is responsible for coverage of breaking news stories and planned events for ABC News. This includes most nonscheduled broadcasts, special reports and coverage of major events including presidential and congressional elections and the papal succession. Working with other units within ABC, the Special Events group prepares for major breaking news with video, graphics, booking lists, editorial and operational planning and coordination with shows and bureaus. The Special Events unit produces live coverage of these stories, working with anchors in New York and Washington and correspondents and producers around the world.

Brian Ross Unit:

The Brian Ross Unit produces investigative pieces for all of ABC News' programming. In addition to on-air broadcasting, the unit also has a popular Web site with daily investigative reports and broadcasts an investigative radio piece each morning. Typical stories involve global terrorism, al Qaeda, national security, and Washington corruption.

Law & Justice Unit:

The Law & Justice Unit is a group of former lawyers and award-winning producers who generate, report and produce major legal stories for all of the network's news programs and platforms. The unit works on subjects ranging from crime mysteries to Supreme Court rulings, civil liberties, juvenile justice, the death penalty, or terrorism. As a division of the Investigative Projects Unit, the Law & Justice Unit has also contributed to the network's coverage of Sept. 11 and its aftermath, the Columbia shuttle accident, and other major news stories such as the Iraq war. The unit works with ABC's senior legal correspondent Christopher Cuomo.

Longform Unit:

The award-winning Longform Unit at ABC News produces documentaries, documentary series, and hourlong specials for the network as well as cable and other media platforms. Prior projects have included "NYPD 24/7," "Jesus, Mary & DaVinci," "In The Jury Room" and the "Medical Mysteries" series.

The Political Unit:

ABC News' Political Unit follows political trends and issues. The unit also produces a daily report called "The Note," which highlights and analyzes the political themes of the day.

Medical Unit:

Based in our Boston bureau, the Medical Unit follows breaking news in the medical world.

Business Unit:

The Business Unit focuses on changes in the economy and the impact of these changes to the U.S. and international business markets.

The Polling Unit:

The ABC News Polling Unit covers the beat of public opinion for the news division to ensure they meet ABC News standards for air. The unit conducts, analyzes and reports on news surveys across a wide range of subjects; consults with correspondents, producers and researchers on public attitudes and behavior; keeps the division abreast of developments in U.S. and international public opinion; and evaluates surveys produced by outside organizations to ensure they meet our standards for air.

Stossel Unit:

The John Stossel Unit consists of producers and support staff who primarily work with anchor John Stossel on the segments he contributes to the show "20/20."


NewsOne and ABSAT are ABC's links to our affiliated stations, our owned and operated stations, and our clients worldwide. NewsOne is a news-gathering service that provides complete, round-the-clock coverage of news and sports to ABC affiliated stations, foreign news agencies and various ABC News programs. ABSAT (ABC Satellite) provides satellite space for ABC affiliates and clients to use to send video from one place to another. NewsOne and ABSAT work together to provide live reports to stations in breaking news situations all over the country.


ABC News VideoSource is the stock footage sales arm of ABC News, providing commercial producers with licensable content from the vast holdings of ABC News and other represented collections. Our customer base ranges from producers for cable and public television programs, to movie studios, educators, and corporate and advertising clients.

Rights and Clearances:

Rights and Clearances provides the appropriate licenses and rights to use ABC News materials.

News Operations:

The ABC News Operations Group serves as the liaison with all news shows, departments, bureaus, and the Information Systems division of the ABC Network. The group helps to schedule, prioritize, and track the acquisition and installation of computer equipment and software through the entire ABC News division.


The Graphics department builds all the maps, diagrams and mattes that are incorporated into each broadcast.

ABC News Film/Tape Library and Archives:

The ABC News Collection contains more than 1.2 million videocassettes in various formats and about 100,000 rolls of film. The core collection represents nearly the entire day-to-day history of the United States and the world from the 1960s to the present, and is searchable in MARS by any word, name, location, date, date range, or combination of same.

ABC News Live

ABC News Live

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