Obama, Clinton Top 'Most Admired' Poll -- Do You Agree with Ranking?

VIDEO: President Obama and Hillary Clinton rank high among Americans in USA Today-Gallup poll.PlayABCNEWS.com
WATCH Poll: Obama and Hillary Clinton 'Most Admired'

President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton again top a poll ranking the "most admired" living persons, a list dominated by national politicians.

In the USA Today/Gallup poll, Obama was the most admired man for the third year in a row, followed by former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Clinton was the most admired woman for the ninth year in a row, edging out Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey.

The rankings also included other leaders in business, media and popular culture, including Bill Gates, Nelson Mandella, Glenn Beck, Queen Elizabeth, Angelina Jolie and Aung San Suu Kyi. For more information on the poll results, click here.

Our question to you today: Do you agree with the poll's rankings? And who do you most admire?

The Associated Press contributed to this report.