Broken Toilets, Other Glitches Ground Japan Airlines Dreamliner

PHOTO: An airport worker enters a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 aircraft.Elise Amendola/AP Photo
An airport worker enters a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 aircraft as it sits on the tarmac at Terminal E at Logan International Airport in Boston, July 19, 2013.

A Japan Airlines flight heading for Tokyo was forced to turn back two hours after departing Moscow due to broken toilets and cooking instruments, according to representatives of the airline.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner was carrying 141 passengers on Wednesday night when it experienced an electrical error that prevented six of the seven toilets inside the lavatories from flushing and limited heating implements from warming, the spokesperson told the BBC . But the problem was not connected to the aircraft's batteries, he said.

ABC News requests for comment from the airline did not receive an immediate response.

The incident was not the first problem to plague the Dreamliners. An earlier issue with an anti-icing system grounded a Japan Airlines flight leaving from San Diego, and in July a fire broke out on a 787 operated by Ethiopian Airlines.

This most recent incident comes on the heels of an announcement on Monday by Japan Airlines for a $9.5 billion deal with Airbus, Boeing's direct competitor.