Glenn Close on her new movie 'The Wife'

The renowned actress discusses her storied career and what she wants to do next.
10:08 | 02/08/19

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Transcript for Glenn Close on her new movie 'The Wife'
her seventh Oscar in one of my favorite movies of the year "The wife." She pys a woman who's struggling with a choice to sacrifice her own dreams so her husband can fulfill his. Take a look. Tell me about yourself. Do you have an occupation? I do. And what is that? I am a king maker. You know, my wife would tell you the same thing. Please welcome the fabulous Glenn close. ??? So nice to have Y here. Wonderful to be here. I'm such a fan. Thank you. We all are. We all are, we all are. Thank you. You've wny awards already for this film which I loved by the way. We all loved the movie. It's like a real good solid movie. Joy was raving about it. I loved it. It resonates with women too. So you've already won the golden globe for "The wife." You've won a S.A.G. Award and the critics choice award. With gaga. We shared that one. You shared that one with lady gaga. Yeah. As I said now you have your seventh Oscar nomination. Does it feel like this one is different for you in any way? It does. The time is right? It's just, first of all, "The wife" is an independent film. I've done a lot of independent films and you just hope that it will have an audience, but the way this has resonated with pe and gone far beyond just the film is not something you could ever really red Something else that resonated was your golden globe acceptance speech. I'm not even sure I can even ask you about it without starting to cry because it reminded me of my mom. So you talk about your mom and how she had given up herdreams, and tell me a little about that moment and what made you talk about it. Tell us about your mom. Oh, my mom. I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful mom, married my dad when she was 18. There she is. Cute. And she -- and then my dad went into the war, World War II. She started having kids. She was very artistic, very -- had a wonderful kind of rootedness in nature and animals, and yet when she was 80, she told me that she felt she had not accomplished anything in her life. It makes me cry. But you had never heard that before from her? No, no. But then I found out that she had said that to other people. And what I learned from that is that, yes, we are, we are nurturers. That's what we do. We nurture our children, our husband, our partners, whoever, and then -- but the fact that my mom would say that near the end of her life meant that she didn't feel personal fulfillment. She didn't feel that she had somehow expressed herself, however that would have been, as herself. What did you say bk to her when she told you that? I didn't say anything I think because -- youknow, the trite thing is you've a great mom and you stuck by dad all these years. It was kind of beside the point. And she's a very -- she was a very private woman. She was a very deep woman. So to say that at that time of her life, as her child I didn't want to hear that. Did she want to be an ac No. I think her mother should have been an actress. I'm wearing her mother's wedding ring for that reason. I think my mom probably would have been a writer and probably an artist. She was very, very artistic. Do you know who is an actress is your daughter Annie who plays the your version of your character in the film. What was it like to watch her do that? Oh look at her. When she was working and they shot those flashback scenes first, I decided to just literally get out of town. I did not want her to have to even bump into me in the hotel. Wow. So we were shooting in gloss Glasgow and went up to the high lands, came down and saw the footage that she had shot and was very, very proud. Somebody said when she was 12 that she had a face that invited inspection and I think that's true. She is stunning, she really . You have a face that inspires inspection also. You actually have a throwback photo on the set of "Dangerous liaisons" when your daughter was just nine weeks old and you're just gazg a her. Take us into your mind at this point. Do you remember that? I had to wean her before I won't over to France. She was seven weeks old when we arrived. I thought initially I could do it but oh, my gosh with that corset and everything, it would have held up shooting for at least two hours. So she was with me all the time and on the set. And, you know, she's -- she was there. She was my new kind of miracle. Well, I've said it on the show so many times, "Fatal attraction" is my all-time favorite movie. And it scares my husband every single time I say that. I've memorized so many of the lines. It's one of the roles -- Sometimes, sometimes. I won't be ignored, Dan. But you recently said that you would be open to doing a remake, but you wanted the story to be told from your character's point of view. I always sort of thought that Alex was aer that people should understand. She was sympathetic to me. Most people, it's very easy en somebody is perceived as being mentally unbalanced, it's very easy to make them the antagonist, the bad person. And that has meant the stigma has been perpetrated in movies like that and I was part of it. But I think the woman that I created was not a psychopath. She was somebody in great need of help. And I think to know her story and to show it from her point of view I think would become a tragic figure. Do you promise us that if you make a remake, no real bunnies will be harmed in the making of the remake? I can't promise that. It was Michael Douglas' part that really was not sympathetic. Yeah, yeah. She was used. So you won a Tony for "Sunset boulevard" in 1994. And then you starred in "The revival" which I saw and I heard you're wanting to turn this into a movie which is a really good idea. Tell us about that. I hope so. First of all, Norma Desmond is one of the greatest characters ever invented. It was a great luxury to go back to her after almost 22 years because I was a different person and I think I understood her more deeply. In the second round. In the second round. Do you think she's mentally ill too, Norma Desmond? That's a hard one because she comes from a -- she was a star when she was 17 years old and was -- and THA was a time when there was no taxes so she became wildly rich and that was also a time when stars like her, as was Gloria Swanson, they were like rock stars. Yeah, that's right. Rock stars. And she came back from Europe she couldn't get through the crowds with her car. So that was her mentality. I think Norma now, rather than not being able to make the transition to the talkies because I think she was a great artist, it's because she got too old. In the movie how old is she supposed to be? Gloria Swanson was 50, she was supposed to be 50. And I will be 50. Beautiful 50. We are all obsessed with our pets at this table and our cactus and our Instagram accounts but you dominate this table with your pup, pip. More followers than any of us combined. He steals the show wherever he goes. He does. Also in Santa Barbara last week? He came onto the stage. Did you bring him here? Is he here today? He's just right there. Can he come out? Pippy. Yay! Come here. Oh, my gosh. Hi, pip. Running to mommy. How are you? He's going to make friends with Bernie. They have have to make friends. S beautiful. Aw. So you take him everywhere? Yeah. I'm thinking of getting a puppy but they told me I shouldn't because I travel too much. First of all, he really is my emotional support dog. Which is so much better tn a peacock, I have to say. Wonderful seeing you, good luck. Best wishes for an Oscar. You really deserve it. Thank you. Our thanks to Glenn close.

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