20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas


Founder of the secretive self-help group NXIVM charged with sex trafficking

Keith Reniere was charged in Brooklyn federal court with sex trafficking.
Mar 26

Former NXIVM member says she was invited into a secret sorority, then branded

Sarah Edmondson says she left NXIVM this year after more than a decade.
Dec 15

Former NXIVM member says she was invited into secret sorority then branded

Sarah Edmondson said she attended NXIVM seminars for over a decade when she willingly participated in strange initiation ritual for a sorority that she says was tied to NXIVM.
Dec 15

Actress Catherine Oxenberg concerned for her daughter inside NXIVM

The "Dynasty" star said her daughter India Oxenberg became more secretive.
Dec 16