20/20 2020

Friday @ 10PM EST

David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas


Inside the Inauguration of Donald Trump

As Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, the day was marked by celebrations and protests.
Jan 21

President Trump Honors Service Members at Third Inaugural Ball

ABC's Bob Woodruff spoke to service members selected to dance with the commander-in-chief at the ball for active duty military and veterans.
Jan 21

Donald Trump, the President and the So-Called Performance Artist

A look at Donald Trump as the legendary showman, from business mogul to reality TV star to commander-in-chief.
Jan 20

First Ladies' Inaugural Ball Gowns Through the Years

From Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama and incoming first lady Melania Trump, a look at this big fashion reveal moment.
Jan 20

How Trump's Eldest Children Have Been Handling the WH Transition

Don Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump spoke with "20/20" in exclusive interviews.
Jan 19