Owe Money? Hear Actual Debt Collectors Harass People on the Phone

Consumer A: Um, my only deal is right now y'all are getting me into some really big trouble with my job.

Collector: Ma'am, you got yourself into trouble.

Consumer A: No, no, no, no. Y'all have been calling here, harassing me.

Collector: I'll tell you what: there's not harassment when you owe someone money. I'm not even going to argue with you. What I suggest...

Consumer A: I'm not arguing with you.

Listen to an audio recording of this conversation.

Collector: What I suggest you do is do what I asked you to do, or get you an attorney.

Consumer A: Well, I need you to stop calling my job.

Collector: No, I'm not. No, I'm not. I'm not going to do that.

Consumer A: I need you to stop calling my job because you're gonna get me in trouble.

Collector: You've involved your job. You gave your job number with this company. Now how do you want to deal with it?

Collector: You know what? If I ever knew someone that would just sit on the phone and lie repeatedly...I mean, that's what you're doing repeatedly, not just once. Lie to a judge.

Consumer B: So, you're telling me you'll put me in jail.

Collector: I'm gonna get a court order, and I will put you in jail for entering secure credit for vehicles in your name, ma'am.

Consumer B: OK. You're gonna put me in jail. You're gonna call me at my home with my two young children sleeping at 2:30 in the morning.

Collector: Can you quote me that penal code?

Consumer B: I don't need to quote you the penal code, sir. I am a supervisor for a finance company, and surprise! I know the law. I know the law, that's right.

Collector: OK, you know the law ... a secured creditor. Yes, ma'am, that is a felony.

Listen to an audio recording of the first part of this conversation.

Consumer B: Is it now?

Collector: Why don't you ask your attorney?

Consumer B: Is it now?

Collector: Why don't you ask your attorney?

Consumer B: Sir, by the time I get through with you, I not gonna need to make a car payment.

Collector: Get through with me? Please! Cause I'll put your f---ing ass in jail.

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Collector: They'll give you two years to pay it. If you don't pay it off in two years, 60 per night per every other dollar after that. Just saying, if you never made a payment, you just paid interest, you'd probably serve about 260 days.

Consumer C: In jail or prison or what?

Collector: Uh, jail. Then you're gonna get hurt or killed or stabbed or whatever it is within the first five years. They get, after the five years, then you're straight.

Listen to an audio recording of this conversation.

Consumer C: You think?

Collector: Well, it's just, you're a survivor. Then obviously you know the system and know how to play the game. If you can't figure out how to play the game, you're gonna die.

Consumer D: I want you to quit harassing me at work.

Collector: Quit harassing you? I want you to pay my client. I'm harassing you by telling you to pay your bill

Consumer D: OK. Do you understand me right now? (overtalk) Do you understand me right now? Do not call me at work. Call me at home. You've called me seven times. You have called me seven times at work. And you're rude to the people that answer the phone .

Collector: Pay your bill or get off my phone. You're wasting my time because if you're not going to pay your...

Consumer D: OK. I want a statement. Give me a statement. Do you not hear me? I want a statement.

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