When Good Neighbors Go Bad

Kennedy went to trial for second-degree murder. The jury couldn't reach a verdict, however, and she got off. Today she still believes she did the right thing.

"Let me ask you this: If you saw your husband out there, what would you do?" she asked.

Her husband believes she saved his life that day. "I believe in my heart that if she hadn't intervened, I'd be dead," he said.

Looking back, both the victim's family and the Kennedys said they wish they'd simply moved. Their advice to others in a nasty neighbor dispute? Forget about the mortgage. Pack up and move.

"It's not worth it," said Chris. "The house, the sentimental value that you have there, it's not worth it. And get out. Go."

Luckily for Jim Belushi -- who was so stubborn about standing his ground against Julie Newmar -- that his feud had a Hollywood ending in which both parties compromised. They settled the lawsuit through mediation. Belushi invited Newmar onto his show to play, what else, his battling neighbor, where their tense real-life drama finally made way for comedy.

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