Are Pheromones a Secret Weapon For Dating?

In one report, Kathleen said she was getting more attention on the street, while Lisa Ann was initially more skeptical, finding only subtle changes. After one month, the two compared notes -- Kathleen's dates were up to three or four a week, while Lisa Ann said her social life could still use some improvement.

We promised to check back with Lisa Ann and Kathleen in another month.

In the meantime, we learned about another pheromone product. This one was more about sales than sex. The product -- called Pheradore -- was invented by dermotologist, Dr. Peter Pugliese, a former colleague of Cutler's. Pugliese told us, "the women and men who use it felt more confident." And that confidence, he says, can translate to higher sales if you're involved in retail.

We recruited three saleswomen to put Pheradore to the test. Liya and Monica work at Andrew's Ties shop in New York and Marina works at the flagship store of Hammacher Schlemmer. All agreed to wear Pheradore for one week to see if their sales would increase.

The results? After one week, both Liya and Monica said they did indeed feel more confident wearing pheromones, but ultimately did not sell more ties. As for Monica? She didn't sell more either!

So at least in these non-scientific studies, pheromones did not help to increase sales, but they just might increase sex appeal.

And how did Kathleen and Lisa Ann end up? Kathleen is still without a Christmas date but remains convinced the pheromones are working. Lisa Ann became a convert. On a cold December night, she and her date were seen keeping each other warm. And she already knows what she wants for Christmas: a new supply of pheromones!

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