King Con -- Selling Questionable Cures?

This was the university's response: "There have been no human studies conducted at the University of Calgary in the past 20 years on herbal remedies for diabetes."

Trudeau said he was "shocked and amazed" by the university's statement. He claimed to have a stack of papers supporting his statement.

He never sent ABC News that stack of papers or any studies from the University of Calgary. Could he just be lying to make money?

Trudeau keeps saying the Food and Drug Administration and drug companies only care about money. But many of his past customers say money is all Trudeau cares about.

Joyce Ball said, "He rails against the FDA, the government -- everybody's trying to stop him. Well now I see why. He's preying on people that are sick and dying. And he's not giving them any answers. He's giving them false hope."

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