John and Elizabeth Edwards Legally Separated


"When I picked the Senator and Rielle up at the private jetport...they were already pretty tipsy from drinking alcohol. He leaned over very quietly and he said, 'Andrew, whatever you do, don't let Elizabeth see Rielle,'" Young said. "That was his big fear. I dropped him off and I took Rielle to the only bathroom that I knew would be open. As we were walking in, Elizabeth opened the door with a big campaign smile on her face to greet supporters, and she came face to face with Rielle."

After the rally, Young said he drove the Edwardses home in painful silence. According to Young, Edwards admitted to his wife that night he had had an affair with Hunter, but referred to it only as a one-night stand.

"He told her he had had a one-night affair...but that I had started having an affair with her after that," Young said.

Edwards told Young that Elizabeth's response was "violent."

"He told me...Elizabeth had kept him up all night fighting about Rielle. Any time that he would almost be asleep... she would...get like an inch from his face and start screaming at him," Young recalled. "I was told repeatedly by him that she repeatedly threatened to commit suicide because of this and because of past things."

Suspicion Consumes Elizabeth

Elizabeth insisted Hunter's contract be terminated. The next day, her six month contract with the campaign ended.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey last spring, Elizabeth said that her first reaction was to have her husband get out of the campaign, but he argued that it would raise a lot of questions if he got out two days after declaring his candidacy.

"She didn't make the decision to terminate the presidential campaign. She had that power. She chose to stand in that courtyard and present a picture of John Edwards to America as the perfect husband who was standing by his wife during her cancer treatments and that was really a fraud that both the Edwards perpetuated on the American people," Sinsheimer told ABC News. "At some point, Elizabeth Edwards went from victim to co-conspirator in allowing John to continue to run for president."

Elizabeth Demands Answers From Young

Suspicious of her husband, Elizabeth began to demand answers out of Young regarding the affair. By April 2007, Young claims the she had effectively forced him from any real involvement in the campaign.

"Mrs. Edwards obsessed over what I knew and what I may have done. She called me over and over again, demanding information I wouldn't give her. If I didn't answer, she left angry messages," Young wrote in "The Politician."

"At various times she accused me of lying, cheating, and even stealing from her household. In furious fights, she insisted her husband fire me, which he couldn't do because he needed me to take care of Rielle."

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For the bulk of 2007, Young says he acted as the go-between for Edwards and Hunter, arranging her travel, handling all related expenses.

As reports of Edwards' affair gathered steam, Young says he and his wife Cheri hid the pregnant mistress in his family's North Carolina home. With National Enquirer reporters staking out Edwards and Hunter, the Youngs and Hunter went into hiding.

In December 2007, when the National Enquirer published an article alleging that Hunter was Edwards' mistress and that the baby is the result of their affair, Young falsely claimed he was the father of Rielle Hunter's baby.

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