John and Elizabeth Edwards Legally Separated


Elizabeth Leaves Youngs Threatening Voicemails

Young said Elizabeth turned her wrath on his wife Cheri, calling her, prying for more information, leaving her voicemails, yelling about Andrew's mistress and his responsibility, even threatening her life.

"Her first voice-mail to me was in January of 2008 ... letting me know that this is not Andrew's first woman ... at that point, I was just completely...scared," Cheri Young told ABC News. "She kept pressing and pressing and I said Elizabeth I am hanging up the phone now ... she said, Cheri, 'If you do that, I'm going to spend every one of my last living days making you pay for this... Then she threatened my life, and I hung up the phone, and I, I was just shaking ... at that point, that was in January. She knew...she knew something."

Hunter gave birth to daughter Frances Quinn in February 2008. After the birth, Young and Edward's relationship deteriorated.

"Elizabeth screams all the time at me about you ... and I take your side. You don't believe it, but I do. I was asleep out in the barn the other night -- [Elizabeth] won't let me sleep in the house -- and was sound asleep, and she comes in and starts screaming at me, like an inch from my face. I am going through hell," Young said that Edwards told him during a July 2008 meeting.

The Youngs say the voicemails from Elizabeth continued to haunt them.

Elizabeth Edwards told ABC News in a statement that she believed Andrew Young to be the father of this child until her husband confessed his paternity to her this past summer.

In September 2006, Andrew and Cheri Young were among those Elizabeth thanked in her book, "Saving Graces." But in May 2009, when her second book, "Resilience" was released, Elizabeth alludes to Young as her husband's obsessed fan and gave him the fake name of "Jim."

"Those with any fame or notoriety or power ...look at our lives, which from the outside in particular are pictures of joy and plenty, and they want it for themselves ...," Elizabeth wrote. "Their focus on achieving a style of life deprived them of any opportunity to achieve a purpose in life. They hurt me, and it still hurts, but whatever momentary pleasure they got, they didn't get what they wanted, and that must hurt, too. My life, at some level, is tragic. Theirs is worse; theirs is pathetic. I was still upset with John for allowing either of them into our lives, for being vulnerable to obsequiousness, for not kicking them out the door when they refused to leave."

August 2008, shortly after Edwards admitted to ABC News that he'd cheated on his wife, was the last time Young saw Edwards. Though the families live only three miles from each other, they do not acknowledge one another.

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