Timeline: Scandal According to Andrew Young

Timeline: Scandal According to Andrew Young

Andrew Young, a former longtime aide and trusted friend of Sen. John Edwards, sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News' Bob Woodruff regarding his upcoming memoir, "The Politician, An Insider Account of Edwards' Pursuit of the Presidency and the Scandal that Brought Him Down."

Young chronicles his time with Edwards, including his efforts to hide the secret that would eventually shock the American public.

VIDEO: Aide recalls candidates illicit affair, from meeting at bar to talk of wedding.

Below is a timeline of events in the scandal according to Andrew and Cheri Young:

Nov. 3, 1998: Edwards elected to the U.S. Senate. Soon after, Young starts working as his "body man."

Sept. 15, 2003: Edwards officially announces he is running for President on "The Daily Show with John Stewart."

July 6, 2004: John Kerry picks Edwards as his Vice Presidential candidate.

Nov. 3, 2004: Kerry-Edwards lose 2004 campaign and Edwards learns his wife Elizabeth has breast cancer.

February 2005: Edwards founds and directs the Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity at University of North Carolina (UNC) law school. Young claims to have raised $3 million to endow the center.

February 2006: During a tour of several cities in support of unionized hotel workers, Edwards arrives in New York City and stays at the Regency Hotel. Edwards meets Rielle Hunter in the lobby of the Regency Hotel. Young claims Hunter told him that she spent the night there with Edwards.

Spring/early Summer 2006: Young meets Hunter for the first time at Dulles International Airport as he was picking up Edwards to take him to meet Bunny Mellon, a wealthy benefactress who unwittingly would play a critical role in the cover up of Edwards' affair. Edwards introduces Hunter to Young as a filmmaker who was going to make brief documentaries, called "webisodes." Hunter's videos would document the real John Edwards and give his voters a backstage pass to his life on the campaign trail.

June 2006: Hunter and partner Mimi Hockman incorporate Midline Groove productions and sign a contract with Edwards' political action committee. Hunter begins traveling with Edwards shooting "webisodes." According to Young, Edwards begins to insist that staff stay on separate floors of hotels.

Summer 2006: Young becomes aware of the affair between Edwards and Hunter.

June 2006: Young gets tickets for Hunter to see the Dave Matthews Band in N.Y. Hunter. According to Young's book, Hunter embarrasses herself and the band by throwing herself at violinist Boyd Tinsley and Matthews.

Summer 2006: The Edwards family moves into their new Chapel Hill mansion. The Youngs begin construction of a new home in Chapel Hill, not far from Edwards's mansion. They hire the same architect and builder.

September 2006: Elizabeth Edwards' book, "Saving Graces," is released. Andrew and Cheri Young are among those Elizabeth thanks in the book.

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