Men Allegedly Scammed by So-Called Military Mistress Speak Out

Photo: Men Allegedly Scammed by Military Mistress Speak Out: Nine Men Say Bobbi Ann Finley Stole Both Money and Hearts

They are a unique band of brothers. Nine military men bonded together to fight, in their words, a domestic terrorist. Bobbi Ann Finley is reportedly known as the military mistress and the bigamist bride but these men simply call her the devil. The men say she preyed upon them, allegedly stealing not just their money, but also their hearts.

Over the span of nearly two decades, Finley reportedly traveled across the country marrying at least fourteen times and, according to her ex-husbands and former fiances, draining bank accounts in nine states. Finley is also believed to have at least nine children with almost as many men, fathers who say they are left in the dark and want to know the truth.

VIDEO: Nine men claim they were tricked and victimized by Bobbi Ann Finley.
How 'Bigamist Bride' Ran Alleged Cons

In June, Finley finally surfaced in New Orleans, where she was arrested and later extradited to Alabama on 2 counts of theft by deception and a misdemeanor charge of writing a bad check.

"I don't think it will ever stop," said Formal Lance Corporal Cory Wynne, one of Finley's reputed victims.

Wynne said he met Finley six years ago, when he was just 21 years old, at a Denny's Restaurant near his Marine base in Southern California and was impressed by her apparent trademark seductive story.

According to Wynne, Finley claimed to come from a wealthy military family. He said she told him her father was a four-star general, and she was due to collect a $750,000 inheritance. But, Wynne added, there was a catch. He said Finley told him she had to be married in a matter of months to be eligible for the windfall.

Map of Bobbi Ann Finleys Alleged Fraud
Map: Bobbi Ann Finley's Alleged Fraud

Wynne said Finley also claimed she was pregnant, from a rape, and wanted to keep the child. Wynne said he believed she was sincere and needed his protection. "I really started to care for her. You know, deeply," Wynne told 20/20, "I was the rescuer. I was trying to help somebody in a really bad situation. She played on that really well."

Within two weeks, Wynne said, they were married. He said Finley went on a spending spree right away and checks she wrote on the newlywed's joint bank account started bouncing. Wynne said Finley promised her inheritance would cover it, and again, and he said he trusted her.

Slideshow: Alleged 'Military Mistress' Bobbi Ann Finley

CLICK HERE to see a map of Finley's alleged victims across the country.

Life With the Military Mistress

"Okay, you know," said Wynne, "We're going to have a family, we're going to have a nice place and stuff like that because she's supposed to get some money."

Little did Wynne know that he was not the only serviceman allegedly conned by Finley's tall tales. Just five months earlier, and 1,300 miles away in Texas, Former Army Reservist, Rodney Wegg, said he had also fallen for a charming woman with a compelling story of money and misfortune. Wegg was a medic stationed at Fort Sam Houston, when one night, at a San Antonio karaoke bar, he said he was introduced to a big-voiced Bobbi Ann Finley.

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